One Beam of Light Exhibition


When Concord Lighting required a quick projection solution for their international exhibition, the Vivitek Qumi Q5 was the obvious choice.

Beam      The Qumi Q5 projectors proved to be a valuable addition at the One Beam of Light exhibition recently, hosted at London’s prestigious Institute of Contemporary Arts. Organised by lighting company Concord and lighting designers Light Collective, One Beam of Light aimed to showcase the creativity involved in lighting design by collating a collection of inspiring photographs, all focussing on a single source of light.


With over 100 images making it through to the final exhibition, 31 were displayed in large format in a dedicated gallery. The organisers choose to project the remaining images using two Qumi Q5s at the glittering VIP launch event attended by over 300 guests.


“I think all the guests and staff were really impressed by how good both Qumi projectors performed for the duration of the preview. They were incredibly bright and vibrant for their size and projected the winning images perfectly,” says Dave Warburton, SBU Manager of Concord at Havells- Sylvania. “I didn’t really appreciate how something so small could project a picture so big and the ability to mount each Qumi on a tripod meant that we could angle them perfectly to project onto the large white walls of the ICA – it added a fantastic level of interactivity to the preview.”


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