Classroom of the Future

The classroom of the future has become a reality at the Carlo Anti High School in Villafranca di Verona, a Northern Italian city.

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   A new collaborative learning zone at the school has been created by Media Direct Srl, a leader in technology for the education sector. The classroom is fitted with NovoConnect wireless presentation and collaboration system and the D755WTIR projector from Vivitek. The space also features a range of other cutting edge hardware as well as custom seating to facilitate interactive learning for students and teachers alike. 


High school in Italy is known as Scuola Superiore and lasts for five years, with pupils attending between the ages of fourteen and nineteen. The school had the ambition of empowering students with new technology, to enable them to be full participants in their research work, with teachers acting as facilitators along the learning sequence. Media Direct Srl, under their CampuStore brand, sourced the most innovative and technically advanced products for the project, now called Aule 4.0.


The company put together a blueprint for the classroom which included an interactive whiteboard combined with a projector. The company also wanted to introduce BYOD (bring your own device) into the mix as this would enable students to participate in lessons, share content and collaborate, from their tablets and smartphones.


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This project and the products are shortlisted for the Install Awards


Best Project Award
Carlo Anti High School – Vivitek

Star Product Award
Vivitek NovoConnect – Carlo Anti High School 

 Install Awards Finalist Logo 2015

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